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December 2020

Parents and Players -

Additional important updates to this crazy year.

We have additional disappointing, but not unexpected, news to relay. USAR will be announcing soon that they are canceling the 2021 High School National Tournament. As Covid cases have risen throughout the US, St. Louis County has needed to increase restrictions to limit the virus’ spread, making it impossible for USAR to plan such a large event.

As you know, due to the Oregon Governor’s current restrictions we have suspended regular practices. We do intend to resume practices, once restrictions are lifted, and hope to build to some form of a season capping tournament in late February.

There will be additional opportunities for tournaments next year. In addition to our February tourney, we are still hopeful that the Josh Nelson Memorial Tournament can be held in May, this is an important event to honor Josh and to enable us to continue offering College Scholarships. In addition, USAR is planning a combined tournament in June which will include the Junior National Tournament – more to be announced shortly.

It is extremely disappointing that our seniors won’t be allowed play this year, but we are happy to celebrate the success they’ve had in prior years. Consequently, we do still plan on awarding a limited number of scholarships to seniors who participate and apply this year. We expect to have the scholarship site available this coming weekend and all seniors are encouraged to apply!

Coaches, parents, and players have worked hard to make Sprague Racquetball the elite program that it is - back-to-back national champions, and the current State defending champion four-times-over. Through the twenty-five years of existence the skill, spirit, and culture of our team has never been challenged more than it is today. Coming back, if allowed, to at least practice for the remainder of this ragged season is an important first step in maintaining the excellence of our program.

If you want ideas for drilling and improving your game please text a request to coach Don (503.881.6445).

- Coaches Bill and Don